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In order to succeed in Real Estate, you have to learn to adapt. You need to be a life-long learner. I’ve mastered both of those attributes, adaptability and life-long learning, in my life and I’m extremely excited to share my knowledge and experience with others.

In 1998 I left for graduate school, to pursue a career as a university professor. I absolutely love teaching. I love it when I’m speaking with someone and I see that light of understanding shine in their eyes or when they have that “ah ha” moment and then stop to write something down and I know that “something” is going to be an action step that can change their life or their business.

Teaching is a passion of mine, but I came to realize that academia wasn’t and I had to adapt.

My other passion had always been business and I had a solid background in marketing communications, so in 2006 I launched a business communication and marketing company. As that company grew, I came to realize that the industry that I loved the most was real estate, specifically New York real estate. I love this city, the buildings and the people that make it unique.

As a professional educator and corporate trainer, I also have a very clear understanding of what has been missing in the area of real estate business training. So, once again, I adapted.

I launched NYC Real Estate Advisors because real estate professionals face 3 specific challenges:

  1. How to best brand and market themselves
  2. How to be successful at owning their own businesses
  3. How to determine exactly what they need to learn and what’s just hype or time-wasters so they can adapt to an ever growing industry.

Real estate in New York affords opportunity like nowhere else and with innovative training and support, I believe real estate professionals in this city can out perform all others.

There’s nothing status quo about New York real estate and there’s nothing status quo about the training we provide.

When someone asks me what I do, I tell them that I provide business tools and training to the top real estate professionals in the world, because that’s who you are.


I hope you will love working with us as much as we love helping you Be the Best That You Can Be.

Elizabeth Perea, President/CEO

NYC Real Estate Advisors

Elizabeth Perea





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